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About us

The Coffee Tree: Where Good Things Grow is a cozy coffee shop located at 210 E 4th St. in Historic Downtown Loveland, Colorado. 

The owners of The Coffee Tree, Heidi and Michael Thrash, moved to Loveland, CO from Seattle, WA in Oct. of 2005 in hopes of achieving their dream of opening a specialty coffee shop. Those hopes and dreams became reality June 1st 2006. 

Heidi and Michael are extremely passionate about coffee and have a combined 40 years experience in the Specialty Coffee Industry. Their experiences include both corporate and independent coffee shop management, roasting coffee, pouring latte art and both have been trained by United States Barista Champions (think Food Network meets Starbucks). They’ve taken their knowledge of coffee, their flair for showmanship, combined it with entrepreneurship and art, and made The Coffee Tree in Loveland. They would love for you to visit them so they can share their talents with you.

The Coffee Tree: Where Good Things Grow is dedicated to growth as a business and as a part of the community. We are dedicated to four things to achieve this:

    1. Offering expertly prepared espresso in the artisan fashion, with an emphasis on quality, presentation, freshly-roasted coffee, and efficient service.
    2. Operating our business with an emphasis on consumer responsibility by using direct trade coffee, organic, shade-grown coffees and hormone free milk.
    3. Opening our doors with open arms—enjoying our guests as individuals and striving to make the most of their daily experience.
    4. Giving back to the community that gives to us. 

Our Philosophy
We believe that people are like the coffees of the world—unique, “flavored” by the environments they grow in, and in need of exquisite attention by someone who cares about the end result. Blending of different coffees (and people) allows the best qualities to shine, leading to a rich experience. The slightest indifference or inattention leads to a bitter, unpalatable cup; so we pour hearts into our lattes and our hearts into the people we serve.